Course Goals

After taking this course on nonprofit wellness, learners will be able to implement practical steps to improve organizational health so they can operate more efficiently no matter what comes their way.

  • Better understand the basic function of each part of the nonprofit body and how each part works together to benefit the overall body of the organization

  • Complete exercises to identify the historical pain points in your organization and develop a more holistic picture of your organizational health

  • Take the first steps toward creating an actionable and manageable plan to improve organizational health

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Nonprofit Wellness Introduction

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Course Sections

  • The Heart

    We will begin with an overview of the entire structure of the nonprofit body before we take a look at the Heart of an organization, the mission.

  • The Head

    Next, we will discuss how to get our Head on straight by understanding the functions of the board.

  • The Hands

    The next section gives us the opportunity to better understand the heavy loads carried by the staff and volunteers as the Hands of an organization.

  • The Feet

    Our constituents and supporters as the Feet of the body will be our next focus. Their existence helps create a solid foundation and move your body forward.

  • The Connective Tissue

    In the final section, we will dig deeper into the nonprofit body as we explore how the Connective Tissue, or the culture of the organization, impacts every part of the nonprofit body.

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Course Curriculum

  • 2

    Week One | Introduction to the Body of a Nonprofit Organization

    • Pre-Test: Basic Functions of the 5 Nonprofit Body Parts

    • Introduction

    • Survey: State of Your Nonprofit's Health

    • Nonprofit Body Types

    • Survey: Your Nonprofit's Body Type

    • Nonprofit Body Parts

    • Proactive Nonprofit Health

    • Survey: Your Nonprofit Health Outlook

    • What to Expect

    • Post-Test: Basic Functions of the 5 Nonprofit Body Parts

  • 3

    Week One | The Lifeblood of the Body: The Heart

    • Pre-Test: Impacts of the Heart

    • Functions of the Heart

    • Connection to the Body

    • Survey: Strength of Your Nonprofit Body's Heartbeat

    • Getting a Pulse on Your Organization

    • Establishing a Regular Heartbeat

    • New Heart Measures

    • Practical Steps for Improvement

    • Post-Test: Impacts of the Heart

    • Bonus Chat: Aligning Mission + Money

  • 4

    Week Two | Creating Direction for the Body: The Head

    • Pre-Test: Functions of the Head

    • Getting Your Head on Straight

    • The Ears

    • Survey: Collecting Feedback

    • Reflection Question: Listening Habits

    • The Eyes

    • Reflection Question: Observation Habits

    • The Brain

    • Reflection Question: Strategic Thinking Habits

    • The Mouth

    • Reflection Question: Communication Habits

    • Survey: Board Headaches

    • Connection to the Body

    • Post-Test: Functions of the Head

  • 5

    Week Three | Doing the Meaningful Work: The Hands

    • Pre-Test: Most Important Relationship

    • Introduction to the Hands

    • Two Hands, Many Functions: Staff, Part One

    • Survey: Executive-Board Chair Relationship

    • Two Hands, Many Functions: Staff, Part Two

    • Survey: Outsourcing

    • Two Hands, Many Functions: Committees

    • PSA for Improved Hand Health: Preparing

    • Survey: Onboarding + Orientation Experience

    • PSA for Improved Hand Health: Supporting

    • Survey: Mentors

    • PSA for Improved Hand Health: Acknowledging

    • Survey: Recognition

    • Connecting the Hands + Feet

    • Post-Test: Most Important Relationship

    • Bonus Chat: Leveraging Technology

  • 6

    Week Four | Moving Forward or Moving in Circles: The Feet

    • Pre-Test: Creating the Base

    • Introduction to the Feet

    • Carrying Your Body Forward

    • Listening to Your Feet

    • Survey: Constituent Feedback

    • Widening Your Base

    • Making the Connection

    • Post-Test: Creating the Base

    • Bonus Chat: Coordinating Advocacy + Fundraising

  • 7

    Week Five | Keeping It All Together: The Connective Tissue

    • Pre-Test: Importance of Culture

    • Introduction to the Connective Tissue

    • Survey: Cultural Health Rating

    • Establishing Norms

    • Survey: Healthy + Unhealthy Norms

    • Connecting the Body

    • Protecting + Supporting the Body

    • Survey: Personal Support

    • Working Remotely + Cultivating Culture

    • Survey: Remote Work

    • Post-Test: Importance of Culture

    • Bonus Chat: Cultivating Culture

  • 8

    Week Five | Health Plans + Maintenance

    • Creating Your Plan

    • Final Course Survey

Positive Reviews for Nonprofit Wellness

Highly Recommended!

Shelly R.

The Nonprofit Wellness course makes a somewhat dry topic very easy to understand, which is a benefit for anyone involved in nonprofit governance. The videos are easy to listen to online, the handouts are thought-provoking, and the content is presented in a way that is engaging and approachable.

Great Value!

Tim B.

Great course. It really helped to guide our organization in the strategic planning process and is of great value.

What's Included

  • Accessible Lessons

    Over two hours of visual presentations with audio and closed-captioning

  • 20+ Exercises

    Apply each lesson to your organization with over 20 practical exercises, including a strategic planning document

  • Discussions Forums

    Increase your understanding by interacting with other learners using discussion boards


  • I'm so excited! When does the course begin?

    Once you register, you will have access to all modules. I recommend working through the sections over five weeks. If you want to involve more leaders in your organization, work through the material at a pace that allows you to collect the necessary information before beginning your long-term treatment plan in the last module.

  • How long will I have access to the course?

    As long as I'm offering the course material online, you will have access. You will even have access to new bonuses and updated course material long after you have registered in the course.

  • Is this course for me?

    This course is geared toward new nonprofit leaders (i.e. board members, executives, committee chairs, etc.) and nonprofit leaders who are just trying to find a way to get everyone on the same page in their organization. This is a great course for new board members who are interested in learning how their governance role impacts the overall health of the organization. This course is not a how-to on starting a new nonprofit organization.

  • What if I want my board members and staff leaders to complete this course together?

    Getting your leaders on the same page and speaking the same language will increase your success as an organization. Individually, they can work through the course material over a pre-determined amount of time. You can then use the results to facilitate your own strategy session. Contact me for a special group promotion to get Nonprofit Wellness into the hands of your leaders.

  • I’m getting access to a wealth of information, how much is this going to set me back?

    The investment in your nonprofit’s health is only $99 for access to all modules, exercises, and bonus materials. This course was originally priced much higher, but I realized that made the content out of reach for some and defeated my goal of getting this information into the hands of as many nonprofit leaders as possible. Whether you register for the course or not, you're invited to join the Leaders for Healthier Nonprofit Organizations Facebook group to connect with other nonprofit leaders!

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